Winfield, IL is probably best known for Central DuPage Hospital which is one of the biggest hospitals in the Chicago suburbs. So rather than just list off get places to stop with you and your friends in a party bus we would like highlight a few places for friends and family to get away from the hospital for few and grab not only some great food to give you the energy you need but the time to escape for a moment to get it.

Gnarly Knots Pretzel Co.

27W570 High Lake Rd
Winfield, IL 60190
Phone number (630) 473-0439

Gnarly Knots Pretzel Co. is a local destination for lunch and dinner. They specialize in providing pretzels and soup to those in the area. If you're a fan of soft pretzels, this is surely a spot that you're going to want to check out. They constantly offer specials, so check out this hidden gem.

County Farm Bagels

27W 195 Geneva Rd
Winfield, IL 60190
Phone number (630) 665-5777

County Farm Bagels is where Winfield locals head to get a delectable breakfast and brunch experience. If you enjoy bagels, you're sure to find something to enjoy here considering that they're making theirs in house. They also have some creative sandwiches to enjoy for your lunchtime hour.

Gianorios Pizza

27W193 Geneva Rd
Winfield, IL 60190
Phone number (630) 665-6000

Gianorios Pizza has a contemporary interior that's perfect for enjoying a dinner with family or friends, but their take out business is also booming due to their efficiency. They constantly offer affordable specials on all of their selections. Don't leave without trying their garlic knots.

Somsri Thai Cuisine

27 W 460 Chicago Ave
Winfield, IL 60190
Phone number (630) 665-7811

Somsri Thai Cuisine is where locals head to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine. We recommend starting out with their tom yum soup! The Thai iced tea is another option that first timers enjoy. Some of the popular dishes here include the pad thai, drunken noodles, as well as the vegetable curry dishes.

Winfield Waffle

27W095 Geneva Rd
Winfield, IL 60190
Phone number (630) 868-3959

Winfield Waffle is a new eatery that can be found in Winfield, and they're serving up all things waffles! If you're looking for a new breakfast and brunch destination, this is certainly it. Friday nights happen to be their popular time. You'll never look at a waffle the same way again.

Caliendo’s Restaurant & Bar

0S 050 Winfield Rd
Winfield, IL 60190
Phone number (630) 690-1555

Caliendo’s Restaurant & Bar is an Italian style restaurant and bar. We love the calm, enjoyable atmosphere that's consistent here. The servers are knowledgeable about the menus and always happy to list off the daily specials for your convenience. Try out their delicious martinis as a night cap!

Tony’s Steamers

27 W 213 Geneva Rd
Winfield, IL 60190
Phone number (630) 665-2050

Tony’s Steamers is a traditional American style restaurant that serves up hot dogs and burgers. They have quite a large menu with tons of appetizers to choose from. Be sure to try out the broasted chicken with potatoes if you're trying to feed a family. Come check out Tony's Steamers today.

Chinese Ho Carryout

27W183 Geneva Rd
Winfield, IL 60190
Phone number (630) 653-1188

Chinese Ho Carryout is a Chinese restaurant that mainly specializes in carry out business. They're quite efficient in their lunch and dinner service! Check out their sweet and sour chicken option, it happens to be many of the locals favorite choice. We especially love that it's affordable here!

Maciano’s Pizza & Pastaria

26W220 Geneva Rd
Winfield, IL 60190
Phone number (630) 933-9113

Maciano’s Pizza & Pastaria is an Italian restaurant that specializes in serving up pizza to those in the Winfield area. The deep dish pizza is a great way to feed a family! They also have an extensive wine listing for you to check out when you're eating here with your friends and family in the area.

Union House American Kitchen

0S050 Winfield Rd
Winfield, IL 60190
Phone number (630) 456-4188

Union House American Kitchen is a southern style restaurant serving up comfort food that you're sure to enjoy. Their menu consists of small plates, so it's easy to share with friends. We especially enjoy the modern interior of this eatery. This premium restaurant will certainly be a new favorite.