Crestwood is a small village in Cook County with a lot of history! Close to Chicago, there's quite a lot to enjoy when you find yourself traveling in the area. If you're feeling a bit famished after exploring this area with family and friends, we highly recommend checking out the top spots for food and drink. These are all of our favorite restaurants, grills, bars, and pubs. You can count on these to deliver as they're the top rated spots by locals and tourists. If you need a ride, you know who to call!


13839 S Cicero Ave
Crestwood, IL 60445
(708) 925-9642

The Hot Dog Joint is a fast food establishment that specializes in burgers and hot dogs. The Le Montreal is a crowd pleasing favorite as it's a hot dog with bacon and cheese. You can't go wrong with the Alabama dog that comes covered in chili and cole slaw. You can count on fresh, made to order food served up with a smile here, and that's consistent quality!


14208 Cicero Ave
Crestwood, IL 60445
(708) 371-5577

Simply Slices is a pizzeria in Crestwood that even has a drive through! The quality of the food here makes this a go-to spot for pizza, breadsticks, and salads. The business owner here is always nice to all he comes in contact with. On Wednesday, you'll even get a free treat as you wait for your pizza to be finished. Enjoy this local business today.


14001 Cicero Ave
Crestwood, IL 60445
(708) 388-4626

Nicky's Carryout is an affordable place to head to when you're looking for fast food in Crestwood. Whether you're looking for something with Mediterranean twist or just a regular salad to enjoy while you're watching your waist line, you'll be able to find it here at a great price. We highly recommend trying out one of their famous gyro plates for lunch.


13636 Cicero Ave
Crestwood, IL 60445
(708) 239-4200

Nonna's Pizza is another pizzeria to enjoy when you find yourself in Crestwood. Something unique about this spot is the fact that you can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. We recommend trying out the delicious stadium pizza, as it has a thick crust that's perfect for a large group. The pepper, egg, and cheese sandwich is a great way to start out the day.


14025 S Cicero Ave
Crestwood, IL 60445
(708) 371-0950

Louisa's Pizza & Pasta is an Italian restaurant with deep dish style pizza. The service is impeccable, and the efficiency of your experience allows you to come back here time and time again. If you happen to be a vegetarian looking for other options, they also have an eggplant parmesan that's out of this world. You'll love the comfortable atmosphere here.


13130 S Cicero Ave
Crestwood, IL 60445
(708) 385-6400

Portillo's Hot Dogs is a hot dog centered establishment that also offers other options of burgers, salads, and sandwiches. The garbage salad is another great option to consider when you find yourself eating out here. The chili cheese dog is a sinful variety that's sure to have you coming back for more. The drive through is certainly a convenient addition here!


13640 Cicero Ave
Crestwood, IL 60445
(708) 371-9668

El Gallo Tapatio is a Mexican restaurant serving up authentic street style tacos that come topped with cilantro and onion. The horchata is a great beverage to enjoy when you're looking for something sweet and comforting. If you're looking for a quick bite to eat, we know you're going to love the efficiency of the service here. Ask for extra hot sauces.


13445 Cicero Ave
Crestwood, IL 60445
(708) 385-2002

Barraco's is an Italian restaurant that specializes in pizza, breadsticks, salads, and sandwiches! Whether you're ordering take out or delivery, we know you're going to enjoy the freshness of the food here. The Nicky's Special seems to be one of the favorite options here, as it comes with thin crust and light cheese. Try out their delicious chicken salad.


13300 S Cicero Ave
Crestwood, IL 60445
(708) 385-8588

Culver's is a new American ice cream and frozen yogurt establishment that's known for their delicious burgers and chicken sandwiches. This is a fast food establishment, but we know you'll be pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food here. This is a spacious location that makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk through the doors, so come check it out today.


13625 Cicero Ave
Crestwood, IL 60445
(708) 371-0626

Pepe's Mexican Restaurant is a great choice to consider when you're looking for fresh Mexican food. We love eating here as they're generous with portions and the price is always right. When you come here, you'll be seated immediately with delicious chips and salsa. We can't get enough of the fajitas either, as they come sizzling with fresh vegetables and meat.