Coal City


Chicago Party Bus’s Coal City service area is a village in Illinois that was named for the coal mines in the general area. If you've ever been in this city, you know that there's a lot of opportunities to eat and drink to your hearts content. We've listed all of our favorite destinations for food and drink in the area, so be sure to give them a shot when you're looking for a bit of entertainment in Coal City.

La Cocina Market And Restaurant

15 Park St
Coal City, IL 60416
(815) 634-4113

La Cocina Market and Restaurant has a little bit of everything. Partially a storefront and partially a delicious restaurant, you can get groceries and lunch all in the same visit. We love the colorful interior, it's well worth the drive for their flan dessert and service here.

Rachetti’s Cafe & Pizzeria

375 S Broadway St
Coal City, IL 60416
(815) 634-4000

Rachetti's Cafe & Pizzeria is your destination for pizza, salad, and other Italian options in the Coal City area. Where else can you get a philly cheese steak with fries for under $10? They've recently added a dining area, so bring your friends and family to enjoy this pizza destination.

Geo’s Pizza

715 S Broadway St
Coal City, IL 60416
(815) 634-8858

Geo's Pizza is another good option when you want something hot and cheesy without breaking the bank. Their specialty pizza options can get pretty creative with options like Buffalo Chicken. Their nuggets are the most popular appetizer, so be sure to see what all of the hype is about when you visit.

Babe’s Tap

755 S Broadway St
Coal City, IL 60416
(815) 634-4868

Babe's Tap is a new American bar in Coal City with all of the food and drink you'll need to stay full and comfortable. This is a family friendly spot, so pull up a chair and enjoy food options like cod belly sandwich and freshly battered chicken strips. This is a cash only restaurant and bar.

Coal City Fruit Market

15 E Park St
Coal City, IL 60416
(815) 634-4113

Coal City Fruit Market doesn't just sell fruit and vegetable for you to make a fresh meal with, they also have amazing guacamole and tacos for you to enjoy. The home made salsa that you can buy here will have you coming back for more. With the best al pastor tacos in the area, what are you waiting for?

Rosati’s Pizza

80 E Division St
Coal City, IL 60416
(815) 634-8111

There's no shortage of pizza in Coal City, there's no doubt about that! Rosati's is another option for you to consider when you don't want to cook. Delivery is always on time, pizza is piping hot, and service is friendly. Be sure to try out the beef sandwich and garlic bread when you eat out here.


2 S Broadway St
Coal City, IL 60416
(815) 634-4412

Everybody has been to a McDonald's, right? This location is known for their cleanliness and efficiency of service. One of the best things about eating out at a McDonald's is the fact that the menu is constantly changing, so there's always something new for you to enjoy when you're here.

K&W Bakery

1011 E Divison St
Coal City, IL 60416
(815) 634-4200

Who doesn't love a donut (or two)? Here at K&W Bakery, they know how to whip up donuts, pastries, and other baked goods to make your morning something to remember. The coffee is always made fresh here, and the breakfast sandwiches will give you the fuel to have a great day. Try it out!

Coal City Restaurant

145 S Broadway St
Coal City, IL 60416
(815) 634-4520

This namesake restaurant is one of the go-to spots for locals to enjoy an affordable meal with friendly service. This restaurant has been open for ages, and it doesn't seem as though they're going anywhere any time soon! You can't go wrong with one of their delicious skillets here.

Giggles Pizza

155 S Vermillion St
Coal City, IL 60416
(815) 634-0072

Giggles Pizza is an option to consider when you're craving pizza in Coal City. This is a gem in the area! The price is right, and the quality goes above and beyond what you would expect. Be sure to try out their famous beef rolls when you come out here for a dinner with friends and family.